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Realty Tip of the Day!

    Paint Pic  Realty tip of the day: Paint your home in neutral colors before selling.  Buyers LOVE having a blank canvas!

9 Tips for Feng Shui in Your Home.

Have you been wanting to create more positive energy into your home?  What exactly is Feng Shui and how do you introduce principles of Feng Shui into the interior design of your home? Here are 9 basic tips to get started!

1. De-Clutter Every Room.fengshui

2. Position Furniture Correctly.

3. Keep Work and Rest Areas Separate.

4. Make Repairs Promptly.

5. Hang Mirrors.

6. Display Plants, Flowers, and Fruit.

7. Install a Water Feature.

8. Fill the House with the proper Colors.

9. Avoid Sharp Lines and Corners.


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